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Quallerran Elpherios Evolver Set



Quallerran Overseer Elpherios was the first of his kind to fuse with Axis Technology, pioneering a special "Evolver" separation method that placed the dark Villser Virus strains into another symbiotic Axis-born lifeform called an "Axillioid".

Though granted a host of incredible new metamorphic abilities in this "Evolver" state, Elpherios now remains mortally connected to his bonded Axillioid, destined to follow the strange creature's fate, stand or fall.


Includes new head and Noboto head, removable scarf, belt, backpack plus 2 Axis Joint Sets and a full Glyarmor Set (including painted Neo Sarvos and Varteryx heads) for many possible Evolver and Axilliod build combinations. Figure comes packed with its assembled Axillioid partner.

53 Total Parts. Made of super durable, full color injection molded PVC plastic. Parts are completely interchangeable with all Glyos System Series figures.